Extraordinary Online Speech Therapy Services

At PresenceLearning, we love to see children thrive, which is why we are making the promise of live online speech therapy (“telepractice”) come true.

With the ongoing shortage of SLPs and budget pressures in school districts, innovation has become essential for giving children the intervention they need. A large and growing body of research, starting with a seminal study by the Mayo Clinic in 1997, shows that telepractice is just as effective as face-to-face therapy.  Our mission is to make telepractice practical and affordable while providing an extraordinary therapy experience. The PresenceLearning solution includes the latest video-conferencing tools, engaging games and evidence-based activities, and time-saving collaboration and practice management tools.  See videos of how it works or get a price quote for your district.

EdWeek ArticlePresenceLearning featured in Education WeekOne-on-One Speech Therapy Goes Digital When therapists are scarce, some schools turn to online speech lessons. (Originally published in Education Week, October 12, 2011.  Reprinted with permission from Editorial Projects in Education.) 

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