Press Coverage for PresenceLearning Online Speech Therapy


Oct. 2012 Willows Journal, Tri-County Newspapers (CA)
Speech therapy made easier
With speech language pathologists in short supply, the Glenn County Special Education Local Plan Area has turned to PresenceLearning to provide services for about 10 Willows Unified School District students. “The kids seem to really enjoy it,” said Vicki Shadd, SELPA director and assistant superintendent at Glenn County Office of Education, “Their response to it has been amazing.” While Shadd believes computers will never take the place of educators and special education instructors, PresenceLearning has filled a huge void when it comes to a rural school’s ability to pair speech pathologists with students needing extra help with language development.

Aug. 2012 Tech&Learning
“Rural District Implements Online Speech Therapy”
“To overcome the costs and time constraints associated with speech language pathologists (SLPs) traveling to the district schools’ remote locations, and to lessen the case load for current SLPs, Union County School System in northern Georgia has adopted PresenceLearning to provide online speech therapy services.”


Aug. 2012 eSchool News Online
“PresenceLearning Partners with the Arizona Charter School Association”
“PresenceLearning, provider of online speech therapy services to K-12 students, recently joined into a corporate partnership with the Arizona Charter School Association. Through the partnership, the Association will help make Arizona’s 524 charter campuses aware of the uses of online speech therapy provided by PresenceLearning.”


Aug. 2012  EdWeek Blog – Vander Ark on Innovation
“10 Things I’d Do Right Now as a High School Principal”
“Serve special needs students with online learning . PresenceLearning …. offer(s) speech therapy that, compared to traditional staffing, works better, costs less, and is available on demand,” blogs Tom Vander Ark.


Jun. 2012 NewSchools Venture Fund podcast, hosted by SoundCloud
Teachers, Principals, Faraway Places – Rural Innovation
An Education Summit 2012 session featuring Clay Whitehead, Co-Founder of PresenceLearning, and other education leaders: “Rural education reformers face unique challenges finding teachers and principals due to isolation and low public funding. These constraints have bred innovative solutions to teacher recruitment, instructional delivery, and professional development. A group of top rural education leaders will explore innovative solutions to the challenge.”


May 2012 Merger Market
An Interview with Clay Whitehead, PresenceLearning Co-Founder
Clay Whitehead, co-founder of PresenceLearning, describes how PresenceLearning has grown into the leading provider of live online speech therapy to K-12 schools by addressing a strong need in K-12 schools.


Jun. 2012 Getting Smart, a blog by Tom Vander Ark
Telepractice Brings Online Speech Services to School Districts of all Sizes
A guest posting by Clay Whitehead, Co-Founder of PresenceLearning


May 2012 School CIO
Online Speech Therapy brought to Rural CA District


Apr. 2012 Las Vegas Review-Journal VIEW
Speech pathologist aids kids through use of online program
Technology has changed ways in which people work, play and think. When it comes to speech pathology, Paradise-based therapist Marsha Steinberger and her clients embrace this concept.


Apr. 2012 eSchool News
PresenceLearning Named a 2012 CODIE Award Finalist
PresenceLearning was named a finalist in the Best Instructional Solution for Special Needs Students category of the Software & Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) 2012 CODiE Awards. This category recognizes the best teaching application specifically designed to benefit students with unique educational needs, including those with physical or learning disabilities or those who are gifted and talented in the K-12 or postsecondary markets.


Apr. 2012 District Administration
Virtual Speech Therapy Offers Solution to SLP Shortage
The shortage of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in schools has caused some districts to choose virtual speech therapy.


Feb. 2012 ASHASphere Blog
The Time Has Come for Speech-Language Pathology License Portability
Melissa Jakubowitz (M.A., CCC-SLP), PresenceLearning’s Chief Clinical Officer, calls for streamlining the process for SLPs to obtain licenses to practice in multiple states. Such multi-state licensing is necessary for SLPs who are delivering needed services via telepractice to rural and remote areas. Current licensing processes unnecessarily increase the cost of and cause delays in delivering speech-language therapy services to needy populations.


Feb. 2012 District Administration Blog
Just Back From TCEA
After four days in Austin at the 32nd TCEA Annual Convention and Exposition, one of the largest education tech conventions in the nation with thousands of attendees, editor Courtney Williams notes one of the highlights of her time at TCEA: “PresenceLearning proves to be an effective virtual speech language pathologist (SLP) as users make more progress than students working with traditional SLP. (Source: U.S. Department of Education)”


Feb. 2012 School CIO
Companies partner to give districts access to Medicaid reimbursement for online speech services
PresenceLearning has partnered with Go Solutions Group, Inc., provider of special education data management and Medicaid reimbursement services to school districts, to help facilitate access to its services for districts with under-served populations. This partnership will help school districts reach more special needs students, improve outcomes and realize the cost efficiencies offered by incorporating live online speech therapy, often referred to as telepractice, into their special education programs.

Feb. 2012 Tech & Learning | Assistive Technology Roundup: Back Office
Live online speech therapy for schools across the country
Challenge: Budget pressures and chronic SLP shortages force districts to seek new solutions.
Solution: PresenceLearning online speech therapy allows public, charter & virtual schools to serve their special needs kids.

Jan. 2012 Scholastic Administrator
The Speech Gap: An SLP shortage is affecting districts nationwide. What’s the Answer?
For at least a decade, districts have endured a continuing shortage of SLPs. Mike McLaughlin, superintendent of John Swett USD in CA, explains how he addressed his district’s SLP shortage using PresenceLearning online speech therapy services.


Jan. 2012 – District Administration
Seeking Savings in Special Ed
Accelerating costs are driving school districts to look for new ways to deliver special ed services. Clinton-Massie Public Schools in Ohio adopted PresenceLearning online speech therapy services to improve their level of service while helping to control costs.


Jan. 2012 – DA Daily Newsletter – District Administration
PresenceLearning Wins EdTech Digest Award
PresenceLearning, provider of live online speech therapy services to K12 students, was recently named a Cool Tool winner for special needs in the EdTech Digest Awards.


Jan. 10, 2012 – eSchool News
PresenceLearning Wins EdTech Digest Award


Dec. 2011 – International Journal of Telerehabilitation
The Time Has Come for Speech-Language Pathology License Portability!
by Melissa Jakubowitz, MA, CCC-SLP

Telepractice offers a promising solution to the ongoing SLP shortage by enabling practitioners to conduct live therapy sessions with clients “anytime, anywhere” using real-time videoconferencing. SLPs who want to practice in multiple states must complete licensure in each state where they will be serving students, a process that could be substantially streamlined by license portability.


Dec. 12, 2011 Scholastic Tech Tools Blog
PresenceLearning can cut the costs and complexity associated with individualized online speech therapy

PresenceLearning can cut the costs and complexity associated with individualized online speech therapy sessions that can be scheduled “anytime anywhere” for K to 12 students.


Dec. 14, 2011 Closing the Gap Forum
Leading Charter School Organizations Offer Students Live Online Speech


Nov. 29, 2011 Tech & Learning
Charter schools offer students live online speech therapy


Nov. 14, 2011 Getting Smart, a community passionate about innovations in learning by Tom Vander Ark and Team.
An Interview with Clay Whitehead, Co-Founder of PresenceLearning

Clay Whitehead, Co-Founder of PresenceLearning, talks about the ways that online speech therapy courses can improve students’ success.


Nov. 9, 2011 School CIO
Live online speech therapy service helps virtual schools


Nov. 7, 2011 EdNET Insight
Live Online Speech Therapy Service Helps Virtual Schools Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners


Nov. 7, 2011 California Online Highschools
PresenceLearning Gains Traction with Virtual Schools


Oct. 12, 2011 Education Week
One-on-One Speech Therapy Goes Digital
When therapists are scarce, some schools are turning to online speech lessons.


Sept. 28, 2011 EdNet Insight
Ohio School District Selects ‘PresenceLearning’ for Online Speech Therapy
Clinton-Massie Local Schools Uses Innovation To Improve Special Education While Saving Taxpayers Money


Sept. 20, 2011 EdNet Insight

PresenceLearning Receives Recognition as ASHA Approved Continuing Education (CE) Provider
ASHA Approved CE Provider Status Makes Available High-Quality CE Offerings for Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) Using Telepractice


Aug. 30, 2011 EdNET News
PresenceLearning Partners with Amprey & Associates


Aug. 31, 2011 Tech & Learning’s EdTech Ticker
K-12 online speech therapy available


Aug. 31, 2011 eSchool News Online
PresenceLearning Partners with Amprey & Associates


Aug. 25, 2011 eSchool News
Presence TeleCare Changes Name to PresenceLearning to Better Reflect Focus on Education


Aug. 24, 2011 EdNET News
Presence TeleCare Changes Name to PresenceLearning to Better Reflect Focus on Education